Web design is a crucial aspect of your company’s local presence. Consider the number of companies that are competing for spots on the first page of Google and it becomes clear that on-page SEO in Burlington is an important aspect of driving qualified leads. What’s the point of having a website if it isn’t going to be found in the search results?

One of the best parts of search engine optimization is that it can be done by anyone if you know what you’re doing. One of the most important aspects of improving your online presence is optimizing the content you create to break down any communication barriers between your site and the search engines.

The infographic below was created by Digital Ducats Inc. and lists 50 ways to improve your on-page SEO. The image details the many different aspects of optimization that go into creating a page that performs well in the search results.

There are over 200 ranking factors (that we know of) that Google uses when determining the rank of your web page. Many times with local SEO, we can achieve a first-page ranking if we account for some of the most important aspects of website optimization.

You can improve the current rank of your website for a specific keyword by learning how to improve on-page SEO. Read through the following list and see how many ranking factors you’ve accounted for on your web page.

Keep in mind that what may seem like a simple change, could mean the difference between a first and second-page appearance. Approximately 65% of the traffic for any keyword clicks on one of the first five listings in the search results. Use every advantage in your power to get your site in a top position to drive more traffic, leads and acquire new clients.

improve on-page seo with 50 different tactics for website optimization